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Terms and condition 

Who are we looking for? 

  1. Mommies that love photography and are active on social media
  2. Sweet babies sizes from 50 till 104 cm 

What do we expect of you? 

  1. Sharp photos made in the daylight ( please don't use any filters)
  2. At least 3 usuable photo's of every set (the more the better of course)
  3. Sharing photo's on your own social media is a plus. please use the hashtag #HotPinkCreations or tag me in the photo's
  4. You give up the rights on the photo's sent to us. So we can share the photos on our website (, our Facebook page ( and Instragram (@hotpinkcreationsnl) without having to get permission of you. Also the photo's can be used in marketing materials ( like ads, flyers and catalogues)
  5. I please ask to commit to being a BE for at least 3 months, you can of course stop whenever you want but let me know first so I can start looking for someone else in your place
  6. For every set received please submit photo's within 2 weeks of delivery. If you wait too long there's a change that the set will be sold out before i can share the photo's
  7. Please write an honest review on the products you've received. (Does't have to be 5 stars) but it does help other clients to know the plus and minus points of the product
  8. finally, Make sure when sharing photo's that they are public so we can see them

How can I join? 

  1. Send an email to
  2. Attach photo's and let me know which size your child is

Brand Enthusiast

Brand Enthusiast
Product Selection

You get to choose products from the website. You use your personal discount code (50% off) to do the purchase.

Shopping during SALE ofr purchasing SALE items is not allowed. That you can do ofcourse without using the discount code.


You can use your Discount code to get a 50% discount on all items ( Except sale items) Shipping costs are not included.

Please try to limit your purchases to not more than 3 sets otherwise it would be too much work to deliver photos within two weeks.

Click here for examples

How often?

After receiveing of photo's ( sharp, clear, made in daylight) your discount code will be re-activated 

How long?3 months

Examples Brand Enthusiasts

Example 1: You put 28 euro worth of products in your shopping bag. you pay 14 euro (50% of 28) for the products + shipping costs

Example 2: You put 50 euros worth of products in your shopping bag. Your pay 25 euros plus shipping costs